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 Green Card?
It is a personalized, secure, and non-transferable card that grants the holder a set of benefits stipulated by law, granting the authorization of Permanent Residence in the country to foreigners, aiming to promote the country's economy, mainly the real estate sector.
is it intended
The Green Card is intended for foreigners who, in order to obtain residence, want to acquire real estate in Cape Verde quickly and efficiently.
Log in or Register on the Portal.
Choose the Green Card Service and access the form by clicking on the "Apply for Green Card" button.
Enter the applicant's data, Family reunification if you have
The request will be sent to Casa do Cidadão (Citizen’s House) for validation.
The applicant receives a notification through the proper channels for the collection of biometric data at Casa do Cidadão and payment of the service..
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Em caso de alguma insuficiência o requerente é notificado para suprimir-lho e terá uma área no portal para acompanhar o seu pedido e correção de falhas.

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Required Documents

See the required documents for the Green Card's application:

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Permanent residence permit in the country, indefinitely;

Possibility of exemption/reduction of the Single Estate Tax.

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